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VISUAL Solutions

SIEX Visual Digital Notebook

Manage the SIEX Visual digital notebook in an easy, safe and efficient way, to stay up-to-date and guaranteeing compliance with regulations.

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Recommended for field inspections, quality controls, purchasing in fields and capacities.

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Weather and Satellites

Improve your crops thanks to the satellite information included in our solutions.

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Agronomic Management

Agronomic management, plague tracking, treatment management, field notebook and nutritional monitoring.

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Professional costs

Recommended solution for agronomic management and basic cost control.

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It is recommended for a complete managment, agronomic managment and advanced cost and stock control.

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Slurry Management

Management of slurry from livestock farms. Application tracking, geolocation and others.

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Protected Varieties

Manage protected varieties through geolocation and classification of plots among others.

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Worker authentication and field presence control through facial recognition.

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Optimize your processes, manage your resources and increase your productivity. Make decisions based on data analysis.

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Visual Sensor

The sensor networks you will want to share.

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Visual Academy

Learning platform in which you will learn to apply technology to agriculture in order to make it more efficient and sustainable.

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Professional agricultura data base

VISUAL is the CLOUD solution that automatizes and digitalises all the field production processes

The app is connected with external services to help the decision making and create automatically all the documents that support the agricultural management.

We offer you different solutions to approach the main goals of the sector: Quality, Traceability, Food safety, profitability and Sustainability.

VISUAL Platform features


  • VISUAL allows to gather and to save the data easy to satisfy the specific enterprise needs.
  • Constant updates to the phytosanitary normative requirements.
  • Customization to satisfy the specific customer needs
  • API connectivity to systems CRM, ERP and BI
  • Available advanced services
  • No work charge for IT departments.
  • Easy adaptation for data registration to users


  • VISUAL works in mobile devices even though that the internet connectivity is not available. The app simplifies the data gathering independently of the field location.
  • Easy to use APP, available on iOs and Android.
  • Ideal for the geographical coordinates data gathering.
  • It gathers precise data in real time
  • Geolocate anywhere in the world.
  • Avoid using inefficient forms.


  • Proved safety protocols developed by software innovators designers.
  • It protects the data integrity and continuity
  • Designed to never lose data
  • Make safe confidential data with confidence
  • Verified data entry source

What does VISUAL Solutions have in common?

VISUAL connectivity platform

Satellital information COPERNICUS ESA

Weekly satellital information of COPERNICUS ESA program for the accurate crop’s tracking, with historic and evolution reports in land plots. Know more about the Agriculture remote sensing VISUAL service.

Automatic charge of data

In VISUAL you can automatically charge data of: crops, production and recollection, machinery, work force, costs and geometries. Get to know our automatic importers. Do you want to know how to have instantly actualised data? We let you know how to do it.

Sensors connection

VISUAL integrates the connection with your field gauges in order to adjust the conditions of irrigation and treatments. You will have your crop information in real time and you will be able to make decisions instantly. More information.

Connection with MyJohnDeere

Automatic connection with the platforms ERICTEL and FEDE.

Agroclimatic Information

VISUAL integrates agroclimatic predictive information with the service THE WEATHER CHANEL IBM COMPANY.

Connect with FEDE

Soon, VISUAL will connect with the automatisers and nebulisers FEDE connected Agriculture. Is this functionality interesting for you? Please give us your data and we will let you know about.

api visual conectividad web services soluciones visual

API VISUAL: The differentiation in connectivity

The VISUAL Solution are distinguished because its connectivity. Through the API, it allows connectivity webservice, services of writing and reading with the main management systems in the market: ERP, CRM, BBDD, BI.

The interoperability and integration of the information systems that you work with are important, that is why they take part in all the VISUAL solutions. Let us know what you would like to connect or which data is interesting to you. Get to know better the success cases. We solve your doubts with pleasure.


Find what can VISUAL maps do for you

Decision maps

Find maps of: recollection, quality, supplies and much more. They are generated automatically. The maps are adapted to your needs.


You will know how you are positioned in every instant is undeniable to have a efficient visit in the field.

Intersection and Historic SIGPAC

Automatically it captures the SIGPAC references and the related information. Anybody does it in the same way!

Routes calculation

You will not get lost to arrive to the fields and also you can share your route to avoid your workmates to not get lost. Avoid doing unnecessary shifts.

Measurement tools

Get to know the perimeter, the area and the length right away.

Pictures and geolocalised folds

You will have in order your pictures, related with the fields with the data and headline always synchronised and organised.

Specialized modules per crops

• Quality control in fields   • Crop’s cicle tracking   • Plague and diseases per crop tracking   • Capacities and quality controls in harvest

soluciones visual especializacion cultivos viña


soluciones visual especializacion cultivos cítricos


soluciones visual especializacion cultivos extensivos

Extensive crop

soluciones visual especializacion cultivos horticolas


soluciones visual especializacion cultivos fruta tropical

Tropical fruit

soluciones visual especializacion cultivos fruta de hueso

Stone Fruit

soluciones visual especializacion cultivos tubérculos


soluciones visual especializacion cultivos olivar

Olive Grove

soluciones visual especializacion cultivos frutos secos

Dry Fruits

Visual Irrigation

Recommendation Model

Have all the information at your finger tips everywhere. Visual App allows you to consult and register all the activities at all points independently if you have connection or not. When you re-establish connection all the information that you had introduced without connectivity it will synchronise and it will be available in the cloud for all the devices.


The Visual solutions are mobile

Have all the information at your finger tips everywhere. Visual App allows you to consult and register all the activities at all points independently if you have connection or not. When you re-establish connection all the information that you had introduced without connectivity it will synchronise and it will be available in the cloud for all the devices.

Visual APP
Soluciones CUE móviles

Support services to succed

The VISUAL solutions are a guarantee of success. Our team will lead you since the beginning with a constant training and personalised customer support. The agriculture never stops that is why we are improving and updating continuously the information to give you the last trends and news.


Training of key users

  • Arranged training lessons personalised to customers.
  • Online and in person.
  • In group or individual
  • Lessons depending the user profile or usage cases
  • Interactives.

Training for back office( IT and business)

  • Specialised training
  • In person and online
  • Focused in key business aspects
  • Interactives.

VISUAL ACADEMY – Online training:

  • Training platform
  • Available 24/7
  • Side-by-side with our consultants
  • Agriculture 4.0 specialized courses

formacion gratuita agricultura digital soluciones visual

Constant Support

soporte continuado soluciones visual

Customer service:

  • Assigned a Support Technician responsible for the success of the project
  • Continuous attention.
  • Task management and tracking by JIRA
  • Receiving incidents.
  • Questions and technical support
  • Phone, mail, on site

Personalized attention included:

  • Attention in office 8 x 5 M-F
  • Continuous attention mail
  • Free customer service

Online Chat :

  • Chat integrated in web and APP
  • Interactive
  • Resolution of questions of Use
  • Problem resolution

Do you want to know which VISUAL solution fits better to you?

If you have doubts concerning a particular functionality or do you need some advice about our VISUAL solutions please contact us.