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VISUAL slurry management

The slurry specialized solution

VISUAL is adapted to the different necessities of every kind of business. Find the right solution for the pig slurry managing of the  farming industries. You can do an application tracking, geolocalisation and a calculation of fertilizers unities and also compliance reports.

Do you know how our slurry management works?

  1. Master tables customization: 

Visual Purines incorporates in its master tables the necessary features for the slurry managers such as:

a. Manure or slurry fertilizers
i. Specific properties: kg N/m3

b. Facilities farms

i. Linked supplies: manures derived from farms.

ii. Clients or related persons: their managers.

c. Tanker type machinery.

i. Capacity in m3

2. Register os slurry management tasks

Visual slurry allows to record all kinds of tasks performed by slurry managers in which the control of: applied slurry, farms, clients, plots, tanks, operators and amount of kg N/m3 applied.

a. Slurry application parts according to the number of trips of the tank.

b. Slurry application log parts per dose.

c. Parts of transfers to plant.

3. Application query

Once all the tasks have been registered, Visual allows consulting at the plot level the applied slurry and the concentration of nutrients derived from these applications.

a. Control of applied slurry.

b. Nitrogen control applied.

4. Control of compliance with regulations at the map level. 

In order to graphically check which plots are at the nitrogen limit allowed by regional regulations, Visual Slurry Management incorporates a layer that shows the levels of nitrogen applied according to the vulnerable zone or not.

a. Nitrogen limitation layer.

5. Fertilizer management book

All data derived from nitrogen fertilizer applications can be exported in Excel format and customized according to regional regulations.

6. Personalized reports according to regional regulations. 

We incorporate the extraction of mandatory reports according to regional regulations to be able to present all the necessary documentation to the administrations.

What the VISUAL solutions have in common?

Agricultural remote sensing, API VISUAL connectivity, agroclimatic information … Regardless of the solution you choose, discover the common services to all VISUAL solutions.

Find out!

The VISUAL solutions are mobiles

Have all the information at your finger-tips everywhere. Visual App allows you to consult and to register all the activities in all the places independently if you have connection or not. It allows you to synchronise all the information introduced when you have internet access will be available in the cloud for all the devices.

Visual APP
Soluciones CUE móviles

Do you want to know which VISUAL Solution best suits you?

If you have questions about any functionality or want us to advise you which of the VISUAL solutions best suits you, contact us.