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Get to know our agricultural app

Have the whole VISUAL power everywhere. With or without internet connection, from your mobile or laptop you will be able to do your work in the field with our agriculture app.


Information always ready to help the decision making

VISUAL APP allows to consult and to register all the activities and have available the connectivity platform with satellites, agroclimatic information and other functions. It is possible to use our VISUAL SOLUTIONS everywhere online and offline.


VISUAL power

at your finger tips

VISUAL App allows you to continue with your work everywhere. Through mobile phone or tablet you can keep going with your farm work even though you do not have internet access. It has a control of all the activities, from its beginning until it is implemented. Forget about sheets and register every action to avoid lose key information.

Save time thanks to our agricultural app.

Maps decision

Find the harvest maps, quality, supplies and much more. They are generated automatically. Maps are adapted to you.


You will know your location every instant which is key to have an efficient visit to the land.

Intersection and historic SIGPAC

Automatically it captures the SIGPAC references and the associate information. Anybody has the same results!

Route calculation

With this service you will not get lost to arrive to a land. Furthermore, you can share the route to help your workmates to not get lost. Avoid doing unnecessary shifts.

Measurement tools

Know the perimeter, the area and the length in an instant.

Pictures and geolocalised folds

You will have your pictures in order associated, with its data, title and always synchronised and organized.

Other functions of our agriculture app

Land plots census

You will have all your crop unities classified, geolocalised in order to have the possibility to check them in the maps or in the organised lists. The search filters will help you to make decisions and to organize the work in an effective and quicker manner.The census is charged automatically and you will maintain it always updated. Get to know the crop, the variety, the area, the producer and all the agronomic data related with the land plot. Have the fields at your finger tips. There is anything more useful!


Do you have to organize a visits plan? Do you have to do a field inspection to control a plague situation? In the fields we make many visits per day and it is important that the information is registered well to define the work plan. With the inspection modules of Visual, you will comfortably register your observations and you will see the result. In addition, you will see in the map the expected inspection of the day and weeks to help you to organized yourself and be able to attend all the inspections. The inspection modules it is adapted to you with all the information you need.

Confirm Treatments

Send the orders of treatments from the fields to your team, they will receive it directly and the will be able to start working. From the APP they can confirm that the work has been done in the accurate moment. This simple gesture updates automatically the farm register, safety periods and you will match the requirements.

Do you have many land plots? Do not worry, send all the treatments at the same time. You will see how you optimize at maximum!

Satellital information

In VISUAL we work with the latest technologies of Agriculture remote sensing, offering a more precise monitoring of crops available each five days. It is a useful tool in the decision making, especially from the APP, because it will geolocate the exact point where is a sensible area and that is why it will allow to make an improvement in your crop’s management and planning. Furthermore, you will receive a mobile phone notification. Start testing it now and you will see how is it available immediately the historical evolution when a plot is created. It is a high-valued functionality in VISUAL.


Everyday tons of plot management are solved. Therefore, we have created an intern messaging system to have registered all the conversations. Communicate with your team or the farmers and receive the notifications also use the intern Visual chat in order to link the messages to the plot. Send a message to the technician or let know and incidence in the plot. With the service you have the calm that all your messages are ordered and referenced to the belonging plot.

Agriclimate information

The weather forecast is a crucial aspect for the treatment planning or to evaluate the risks of plagues and diseases. With VISUAL APP you will have the forecast in each plot with high precision and it will inform you if the conditions are optimal to do a treatment. Get to know the temperature, the humidity, the rain forecast or the wind direction and speed in each plot. It is a service of high precision that it is updated constantly for your calm.

biometria control asistencia reconocimiento facial web

Simplify the attendance control with our agricultural app

VISUAL APP includes the latest biometric technology for the attendance and automatic register of people. Thanks to facial recognition the work done could be registered at the end of each journey. Find how to gain in security and simplicity with biometry through our agricultural app.


Forget about the sheet and manage all the work from your mobile

With this agricultural app your information will be always updated and organised. Access to your data from the fields or offices and gain in efficiency to improve your decision making with VISUAL App.

Ask us for help if you don’t know how to do it