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SIEX Visual Digital Notebook

Software Cuaderno de Campo SIEX

As from 1% of July 2023, the Digital Notebook of Agrarian Holdings will be 100% digital.
With our SIEX Visual Digital Notebook Solution, you will easily, safely, and efficiently manage all the information to be up to date in compliance with regulations. Save time, monitor your farm holdings, and make better decisions.

Last update on the agricultural law

Suitable for technical experts, farmers, and cooperatives 
The SIEX Digital Field Notebook is designed and tailored to the specific needs of each farm and type of management


Better usability and user experience
More intuitive and user-friendly interface, with guidance systems for registration


Easy and straightforward communication with your collaborators


Consultation and training

control plagas

Pest and disease control

ahorro tiempo

Time savings


Privacy and security
Greater control over your data and your privacy


Integration with other systems
and tools. SIEX

Digital notebook is integrated with SIEX and with other farm holdings tools and systems, agroclimatic information, updated databases of phytosanitary products and their recommended uses, satellite information, data analysis tools, machinery, and other management systems


Multi-device capability
Work with your team simultaneously across devices

With VISUAL, you can generate the digital field notebook for one or multiple plots at once, including the tasks you have completed.
Select the option you need:

  • Synchronize with REA
  • Record all applications and tasks
  • Access all tasks on the web or the APP
  • Print in various formats (Word, Excel, or PDF)
  • Send to SIEX

Time saving

Because you are recording information as you do the work, this saves you time in the future

Optimal treatment

The technology advises you on the best treatment and the appropriate doses according to the current regulations at all times

Organized and accessible information

You can access or share it whenever needed

File storage

You have a repository where you can store files such as analyses that you will need to present later

Generate digital notebook 

You will be able to generate your field notebook digitally or automatically connect with the Ministry to share information

Control de Alertas de Tratamientos Fitosanitarios en el Cuaderno de Campo

Gain security and control with alerts regarding the use of pesticides

VISUAL is connected to the databases of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) to ensure that you are carrying out the task correctly:

  • Alerts about product expiration
  • Alerts on recommended doses
  • Alerts about the number of applications allowed and the
    interval between them
  • Alerts about type of application
  • Alerts about the time of application
  • Alerts on the recommended minimum and maximum broth

Visual Method of Recommendation
in Phytosanitary

The goal of our app is to make what can be difficult easy for you. For this reason, on the one hand, the use of the app is very intuitive and simple, the app itself guides you on what you have to do. But, in addition, and in a unique way, based on the problem you have, our management model for phytosanitary actions automatically recommends the advisor or farmer in the choice of treatment.

Recomendaciones en los Tratamientos Fitosanitarios para el Cuaderno de Campo

Group your DGCs (Graphical Crop Delimitations) into the necessary UHCs for easier management

Quickly transfer all your information exclusively to the UHC (Homogeneous Crop Units):

Do not waste time
registering your work
on each site.

You can do it globally,
our solution will handle
the distribution

Parcelas en el Cuaderno de Campo SIEX

Constant updating
with the SIGPAC

What the VISUAL solutions
have in common?

Agricultural remote sensing, API VISUAL connectivity, agroclimatic information… Regardless of the solution you choose, discover the common services to all VISUAL solutions.

Find out!

The VISUAL solutions are mobiles

Have all the information at your finger-tips everywhere. Visual App allows you to consult and to register all the activities in all the places independently if you have connection or not. It allows you to synchronise all the information introduced when  you have internet access will be available in the cloud for all the devices.

Visual APP
Soluciones CUE móviles

Do you want to know which VISUAL Solution best suits you?

If you have questions about any functionality or want us to advise you which of the VISUAL solutions best suits you, contact us.