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blockchain trazabilidad alimentaria

Show the history of the products with blockchain

The whole journey that the material has done in a transparent and safety manner.

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A more efficient supply chain

Use a process that makes easier the tracking of the product process through the supply chain giving the guarantee of veracity and transparency of the information.

Meet the importation and exports regulation and detect quickly epidemic outbreaks and contamination in order to react fast and improve the image and confidence of your brand.

blockchain trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria cadena suministros
blockchain trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria garantia


Access to a safe data base with the participant historic of the chain and its interchanges during the creation and distribution of the product.

blockchain trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria

Safe information and well protected

It generates an inalterable transactional register that avoids the food fraud and the information forgery.

Share data only with the ones need them in a safe and confidential environment.

blockchain trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria confianza

Create confidence

Connect with your consumers and make more trustworthy your history and journey of your products. Create confidence in the whole supply chain participants.

blockchain trazabilidad segurid ad alimentaria transparencia

Transparency and quality as a differentiated value

It shows the history and processes of a certain product in a clear and precise way always available when you need it.

It guarantees the authenticity of the material through the supply chain thanks to a digital register base unique and immutable.

blockchain trazabilidad seguridad alimentaria

Walmart, Carrefour and Alcampo have incorporated Blockchain already

Multinational supermarkets like Walmart, Carrefour and Auchan have incorporated Blockchain in their quality and origin departments.

This means that more retailers will demand to their providers to use this effective and reliable technology. For instance Wallmart will make all its providers to use Blockchain since September of 2019 and Carrefour will do the same for the 2022.

Your products have a lot to say

The blockchain technology guarantees the treacability and trasnparency of all its journey.

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