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Visual Analytics

The tool to understand data and make the best decisions

We know that it’s not just about having the data; you need to know how to interpret it. Visual Analytics is our solution to achieve this. We gather, analyze, and visualize data in an easy-to-understand way.

As experts in data lifecycle management, we extract data from the Visual platform, standardize it, and refine it, identifying any anomalies. Then, we use this data to perform in-depth analysis. As a result, our reports are more detailed, comprehensive, and up-to-date. Furthermore, we have improved and updated our graphics to make them as clear and intuitive as possible, ensuring that information is easily understood.

Continuous Updates

Historical Data

Detailed, Concise, and Clear Reports

Decision Support

Advantages of Visual Analytics

Having information is sometimes not enough; you need to know how to interpret it. Our tool helps you do this easily so you can benefit from all these advantages:
Cost reduction

You can identify areas where cost reduction is possible, leading to increased profitability.

Identifying trends and anomalies

By visualizing data in a simple way, you can identify patterns and anomalies that may arise.

Crop management

Monitoring crop production and harvest quality to make informed decisions.

Pesticide and fertilizer control
Compliance with regulations

Data helps us verify compliance with objectives for reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides within the framework of the EU’s new 2030 biodiversity strategy and the Green Deal.

Tracking crop performance

Identifying factors that can affect crop performance, such as weather conditions or agricultural practices.

Inventory control

Maintaining accurate records of agricultural products, supplies, and equipment.

Agricultural machinery tracking

Managing this data minimizes downtime and optimizes productivity.

Financial performance monitoring

Tracking operational costs, income, and profit margins, enabling more informed financial decisions.

Enhanced control and safety

Continuous updates provide greater control over personnel tasks, expenses, machinery, supplies, and more. Only when you have control over things can you be confident in doing them right.

Quality control and food safety

Assisting in the management of agricultural product quality and compliance with food safety regulations by providing tools for data tracking and visualization.

Sustainable farming

With all the information at your disposal, you can optimize resources such as water, fertilizers, pesticides, and cultivate sustainably.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with us. We’ll inform you about everything you can achieve with Visual Analytics


Types of Reports

When information is clear, so is decision-making.
Labor cost breakdown
  • Labor costs
  • Machinery costs
  • Supply costs
  • Cost evolution by season
  • Comparison between agricultural fields
Phytosanitary usage
  • Distribution by layer, crop, pest, formulation, and manufacturer
  • Usage evolution by year
  • Dose used evolution by year
  • Hectare-based usage reduction goal
Production and harvests
  • Distribution by season, layers, or varieties
  • Production evolution by season
  • Comparison between agricultural fields

What the VISUAL solutions have in common?

Agricultural remote sensing, API VISUAL connectivity, agroclimatic information … Regardless of the solution you choose, discover the common services to all VISUAL solutions.

Find out!

The VISUAL solutions are mobiles

Have all the information at your finger-tips everywhere. Visual App allows you to consult and to register all the activities in all the places independently if you have connection or not. It allows you to synchronise all the information introduced when you have internet access will be available in the cloud for all the devices.

Visual APP
Soluciones CUE móviles

Do you want to know which VISUAL Solution best suits you?

If you have questions about any functionality or want us to advise you which of the VISUAL solutions best suits you, contact us.