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Our history

Discover who we are, learn about our history and how we want to change the present of agriculture

We are the generation of agriculture’s new era. The one that has to transform the agriculture to be the best option in order to enjoy a healthy diet originated in environmental friendly lands. Furthermore, it is also supported by skilled and committed people. We strongly believe that technology is crucial to produce significant changes, which is the reason of why we are developing technological solutions for the agricultural industry.

The company began in 2014, when was needed the message of the digital transformation to the fields.

mercedes y lucía iborra visualnacert

What is VISUAL?

In VISUAL we design the Digital Management Solutions for companies in the agro-food sector, farmers and the industry that accompanies them.

Our Solutions are focused on the client, on their business success and aligned with their strategy.

The company, which begun in 2014, nowadays helps to manage crops around the world and in the first 5 years we have achieved the digitalization of 20% of the surface area of Spain. Currently our headquarters are located in Rafelbuñol (Valencia) in an eminently agricultural area, where we were born, surrounded by citrus fruits and orchards.

Foundation history

The idea of providing agricultural management services based on SaaS came to the sisters Lucia and Mercedes Iborra after observing for more than 15 years the management models of companies that audited in traceability and food safety with NormaAgricola, a certification body accredited by ENAC and one of the first companies to certify GLOBALGAP in Spain.

They also saw that the agricultural crisis needed a modernisation of the production systems and that farmers were facing a series of problems which were:  harsh weather to soil degradation, pest and disease infestation, operational inefficiencies and performance failures.

nuestra historia quienes somos Visual software agricola

Therefore, Visual was born, offering agricultural technology solutions that would approach several critical issues affecting millions of farmers. This commitment was acquired by Lucia and Mercedes with hard work and effort, considering the love they have for agriculture as they are a third generation of farmers and also having dedicated their entire professional life to this sector. Throughout these years we have created a team of experts, people committed to our values and have sought alliances with the most relevant companies in their sector in order to offer the best technology to the farmer.


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Visual works to create a young, innovative and multidisciplinary company culture. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are creating a workplace where equality and a culture of listening and learning are priorities. We are proud to promote a good working environment where everyone’s opinion matters. After all, Visual is defined by the people who make it up.

We help our team members to grow in their current roles and specialise in new technologies, while giving people with no previous work experience the opportunity to advance in their technical roles.

Definitely, we are always looking for new people to join our team who want to change agriculture and to take part in the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.

Commitment to the world around us

The world’s population is expected to exceed 10 billion by mid-century, which means a greater demand for healthy, fairly produced and sustainable food. To meet this goal, AgTech’s smart solutions we develop are tools to optimize agricultural practices, minimize waste, and provide timely agricultural advice. Efficiency, productivity and sustainability define us.

Efficiency, with simplified data collection, milestone register and activities. It ensures efficient operations, lower costs and better visibility of everything happening in the field at any moment.

nuestra historia quienes somos Visual software agricola

Productivity through real-time information, enabling companies to make planned and informed technical and commercial decisions. Improved efficiency directly influences the quantity and quality of crop yield, combined with reduced operational costs, resulting in a increased productivity for companies.

Sustainability by transforming agriculture by combining knowledge, digitalisation and innovation respecting the world around us. Therefore, the goal is to conserve and use efficiently use the natural resources we have (mainly water and land).

As entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, we are committed to meeting today’s agricultural needs by managing resources for the future and helping to develop a safe and profitable agriculture for all. That is why we are proud to be part of the Endeavor network, which encourages the efforts of high-impact entrepreneurs in society and the collaboration between them.