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VISUAL Protected Varieties

Do you work with protected varieties? We have what you need

VISUAL Variety Management offers you specialized help for your protected varieties.

The intellectual property of plant varieties involves years of research and a great technical and technological effort. Efforts aimed at improving the commercial interest, yields and profitability of crops. To obtain sustainable products that adapt to climatic conditions, that fill a gap in the market or that offer a unique flavor, among other qualities.

variedades protegidas visual gestion variedades

Protected varieties continue to add value despite the crises facing the sector, due to their distinctive value. The consumer appreciates these differences because they find in them great organoleptic quality, a higher antioxidant content, easy peeling or consumption and a longer shelf life, to name a few aspects.

Proper management of these varieties has a direct impact on the farmer who bets on these varieties: generates greater professionalism and benefits by sustainably growing crops with high added value.

At VisualNACert we have extensive experience in technological services to variety managers and we are well aware of the demands of breeders and licensees of varieties.

We work with protected varieties of citrus, kiwi, red berries and stone fruit. The common ground in all of them is the importance of geolocation and information related to licenses. Our engineers are very demanding and precise in field visits.


Charts and reports

Varietal distribution maps

Remote sensing

Licensing, sublicense and sublicensee information

Plot census

Productivity Maps

Photos and geolocated files

Harvest monitoring

Count number of plants and / or surface


Plantation age

License status maps

Harvest forecast

Agronomic information, rootstocks, soil types and more

What the VISUAL solutions have in common?

Agricultural remote sensing, API VISUAL connectivity, agroclimatic information … Regardless of the solution you choose, discover the common services to all VISUAL solutions.

Find out!

The VISUAL solutions are mobiles

Have all the information at your finger-tips everywhere. Visual App allows you to consult and to register all the activities in all the places independently if you have connection or not. It allows you to synchronise all the information introduced when you have internet access will be available in the cloud for all the devices.

Visual APP
Soluciones CUE móviles

Do you want to know which VISUAL Solution best suits you?

If you have questions about any functionality or want us to advise you which of the VISUAL solutions best suits you, contact us.