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VisualNACert will be present at EIT INNOWISE

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has selected VisualNACert to participate in the Water Scarcity Program, where we will try to solve on the of the current and future problems in Southern Europe: water scarcity.

The next October 4th VisualNACert will compete in the EIT INNOWISE WATER SCARCITY program, in which 20 European innovative companies have been selected. We will be present to demonstrate that VISUAL technology is on the side of innovation and transforms the food system by seeking the development of innovative solutions in the face of water scarcity.

The 20 participating companies are grouped into three major sector challenges: utilities, agriculture and infrastructure. Defined by entities in Spain, Italy and Greece, seeking a response to their specific needs in relation to water.

“The chosen companies, which already have solutions in an advanced state of development […] will participate in the program that includes extensive training focused on scaling up and developing international business.” .- EIT

VisualNACert has developed a predictive software based on a network of sensors for the control of assets in real time, which will also see the light very soon.

It is, without a doubt, a great opportunity to show the technology that we are currently developing in an innovative environment. Participating in this meeting is the opportunity to interact with different figures in the sector, show our products and services, as well as participate and attend specialized sessions.

Within this context, the objectives pursued by EIT Food are:

– Improve consumer confidence

– Build a consumer-centric food system

– Educate to: participate, innovate and advance.


– Create consumer valued foods aligned with healthier nutrition

– Improve sustainability through resource management

– Catalyze entrepreneurship and food innovation.


In this context, INNOWISE contributes to building a smart water economy, reducing consumption, waste and pollution of Europe’s water resources. Values ​​with which in VisualNACert we are fully aligned.

The competition of the IV edition of INNOWISE organized by the EIT will take place between September 27 and October 4 in Greece, Italy and Spain, in online format.