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Proyecto Agri 4.0

Intelligent agriculture based on the valorisation of agricultural big data and digitalisation of the sector.

The aim of the project is to develop a methodology that will make possible to enhance the value of agricultural data collected from different sources (public and own) in order to provide customers with a new, more competitive service based on big data analysis and digitalisation of the agricultural sector.

The main challenge faced by the project is the appreciation of the data collected by the farmers. The digitisation is a process that has been gradually implemented in the agricultural sector through the use of techniques and technologies that approach the problem on an individual manner. However, in these cases, the benefits are few compared to what could be achieved by a holistic approach.

The novelty of the project is to move towards intelligent agriculture, defining new services and business models that allow our clients to be more competitive and produce more profitably.

The analysis of the data collected from a point of view of their integral valorisation will allow us to identify and define new value-added services based on the concept of BigData. Mainly, these new services will be aimed to identifying key information in each process and providing it to each of the agents of the organization involved in the decision making process. Each of the organization’s agents has a responsibility in the decision making process that leads the company to be more efficient. The proposed methodology identifies who needs what to be more agile and efficient.

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