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Talking about «FUTURE OF AGROTECH» in the South Summit

Last week, from 7 to 9 of October, one of the most important technological events, that  gathers the greatest innovations from Southern Europe & Latam and connects them to some of the regions´ largest costumers and investors, also known as South Summit, took place in Las Ventas, Madrid, Spain.

Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, and Steve Vozniak, co-founder of Apple – these are two of other important and successful guests that were participating in the conference.

We were lucky to be invited to speak about “Future of AgroTech” – debate about innovation and bringing the sight of a company that does go for changing agriculture with technology.

During the debate, Mercedes Iborra, co-founder and CMO at visualNACert, talked how VISUAL, an interactive mapping software, solves the problems that the world´s agricultural businesses are facing.

Moreover, she enlightened that thanks to her family´s three-generation business knowledge it was possible to develop this analytic tool that offers a solution for intelligent data analysis and it´s in the market in countries like Chile, California, New Zealand, Australia, France and Spain.

Other interesting speakers participated in the debate: Kenny Ewan, founder of WeFarm, a platform that has more than 22.000 farmers subscribed; Mellisa Tilney from AgFunder, investment fund for companies that apply for agrotech solutions; Francisco Cuadros, co-founder of Metanogenia, a company that gives solutions for optimizing recycling and solving environmental problems caused by agrobusiness; and José Matias from Avante Extremadura.

Without any doubt it was a very interesting experience where we could share and talk about the amazing future of AgroTech that is waiting ahead. We will keep sharing the information about the events and conferences to keep up you informed with the latest trends and news!