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Summary of the year 2015 of visualNACert

As it has become a tradition, once again we want to take a look back and evaluate everything that happened in 2015 and how much did we evolve and grow in visualNACert.

2015 was amazing for us – new partnerships, international and local trade shows, awards and participation in trendy events. But let´s talk about everything from the beginning.

Here is the summary in photos in our Christmas postcard.

Down below we will tell you in detail about our most important moments of this year.

To begin with, that first milestone that made a difference in 2015 was in March, when we sign a collaboration agreement with Telefónica to bring VISUAL solution to the international farming market. With that agreement we became a part of the M2M Global Partner Programme of Telefónica España which brought more trust to our clients and opened doors to new markets.

It cannot go without mentioning that one month later, in April, we got a 1 million € investment from a Spanish Investor Group specialized in technology applied to agriculture.

Later on, in June, visualNACert was nominated one of 21 best tech international companies for Global Innovation Awards 2015. The final took place in August, in Beijing, China and we finished the event being one of the 10th best companies in technological innovation. It was an amazing experience and learned about the needs of agricultural world in the giant continent of Asia. We would like to thank to Telefónica Open Future and Shengjing, Chinese investment fund, for trusting and giving us this amazing opportunity. This just proves that we are going the right way and motivates us to work even harder!

After this incredible experience we were very concentrated on 4th very important milestone of the year – a release of new version VISUAL 3.0 in one of the most important agricultural trade show Fruit Attraction 2015, Madrid. For the first time we had our own booth in tech companies hall where we received very good feedback from our actual and potential clients. They were especially excited about the new software interface and the agro app to manage field information offline.

After successful show in Fruit Attraction our company founders, CEO Lucía Iborra and CMO Mercedes Iborra, participated in World Agri-Tech Investment Summit, London. This again was an amazing opportunity to up-date the knowledge of the ultimate innovation trends in Ag Tech world while meeting with investors and world leading Ag Tech companies.

This amazing year apart of great opportunities brought us new challenges, which meant we had to expand our team and our work place.  On 23th of December we inaugurated a new floor of offices together with spacy kitchen and chill-out zone. We want to thank to our team for organizing an amazing new-office-worming-party!

2015 was a great year, but we do not plan to stop here! We hope next 2016 will be even greater and we wish the same for you!