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Spacetech an important value for agriculture

Last Wednesday, 14th of october, took place a meeting about UK/Spain opportunities in Spacetech from Agritech to Zero emissions” that was hosted by CDTi in their offices in Madrid.

There, we shared our views and ideas with companies working in the Spacetech sector interested in working in the Agritech sector such as visualNACert. After 20 year of experience in the agrifood industry working to improve the company’s profitability and efficiency, we have developed different solutions that improve our customers income statement by using GIS technology and data analysis. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of agribusiness by making data useful and accessible.

We had the pleasure to be invited by the British embassy in Spain to the meeting as a company with a technological product, VISUAL 3.0, easily compatible with satellite and other remote sensing data and images applied to the agricultural sector.

Moreover, after the meeting we had an interesting networking where we met Catapult Satellite Applications representatives, a British company that links science and academia with enterprises, and the Aerospace Madrid Cluster a Spanish organization that links the aerospace companies in the Madrid region in Spain.