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VISUAL in Annual Conference of American Pistachio Industry

On 17th – 19th of February, Annual Conference of American Pistachio Industry 2016 took place in Palm Desert, California, USA. The event is held every year and the growers gather to discuss the problems that American pistachio market has to face and the ways to maintain the pistachio production and profit growing.

This year the conference guests were especially focusing on to how to recover the industry due to losing almost half of the crop as a result of warm temperatures and the lack of water. One of the suggestions was introducing innovative agro technology (AgTech) solutions for better farm control and management. The production was growing the last 30 years except 2015, so fast decisions have to be made in order to maintain the industry on the track.

VisualNACert, as a company that offers AgTech solutions for farming companies, participated in the annual conference and presented our technology VISUAL 3.0 that helps to have a global view of the farm by having all the plots pinpointed in the map and have related  information showed in colored maps. The software for farming is already playing a key role in the companies in making the bond between the field and the office this way boosting the productivity.

Our USA sales department was sharing a stand with our friends from Palogix. We had an opportunity to meet a lot of pistachio growers, listen to the problems they have on day-to-day tasks in the field and presenting them our web based platform and mobile app that offers you a global view and control of farming business. We had a very positive feedback, the growers were very excited about this revolutionary solution and were discussing about the multiple ways of make the solution usable in the farming business.

We were very excited to meet all dedicated growers who are not just interested in making profit, but also care about the positive change their product is bringing to the society.

March is announced as National Nutrition Month and pistachios are recommended in every day meal since it meets the Criteria For Heart-Healthy Food by American Heart Association.