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PSB Produccion Vegetal uses VISUAL

Our farm management software is being used to manage protected plant varieties for some of our clientes, as PSB Produccion Vegetal that manage stone fruit.

PSB is a family company located in Murcia with a long career as a creator of protected varieties and stone fruit production.

Their main objective is to create new varieties adapted to market demands, for that they have experimental orchards in Murcia and France. They have a wide range of varieties, as peaches, nectarines, apricots, flat nectarines and paraguayans, adapted to the wheather conditions and sold worldwide.


New variety of PSB, flat yellow nectarine.

PSB has being using our farm management software for a year to know where is grown their varieties or protected material, in order to protect their rights as breeder. This tool allow them to manage with mapping technology, geolocated plots and optimize working time.

[vc_testimonial_slider style=»testimonials-style-2″][vc_testimonial name=»Stephane Buffat» author_dec=»Technical Director of PSB Producción Vegetal» color_primary=»#8e8e8e» color_secondary=»#3a3a3a» position=»Developer»]We are very pleased with the investment we made in visualNACert, it was quickly compensated, now our work is more efficient because we have all the information we need in a visual map and this has allowed us to save time and money[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider]