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Investment of 1MM in VisualNACert


This week has been realized a very important milestone for our company visualNACert, due to it has closed an investment of 1 million of euros by a Spanish Investor Group specialized in technology applied to agriculture.

This capital investment will help us to reach the challenge of changing agriculture through technology and to expand it internationally. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of agribusiness by making data useful and accessible. That’s why we developed our farm management software VISUAL 3.0 that improves efficiency and increases the productivity of your agricultural business. We are always creating and researching new ways to work on agriculture. We innovate for you.

Below a picture of the celebration with our partner Telefonica and friends of Wayra.

Lucía Iborra, CEO de visualNAcert during the celebration. 

The threats facing the future agriculture offer us many challenges which we are willing to solve from technological innovation.

Here you have our last promo video of VISUAL, our innovative system of agricultural geolocalization in order to make profitable the international agrifood sector.

Now we keep working hard and hopefully we will share new challenges reached soon.

For more information about our company, don’t hesitate to contact us.