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Mapping techonology talent “made in Spain”

There is no need to go to Sillicon Valley to find talented and innovative companies developing great products. Pilar Portero, a Huffington Post journalist, interviewed Lucía and Mercedes Iborra, the founders of visualNACert, and other two more companies, to discover how mapping technology is changing and adding value to our society.

Lucía and Mercedes explained her about their idea of mapping fields through GIS technology to geolocate plots and associate information in an order way, and how it ended in the VISUAL solution.

VISUAL is software to manage farms data and give access to the information in a visually way. It is really important for an agrifood company to traduce their alphanumeric data into colors codes, depending on different indicators they want to control, quality, productivity, costs, etc.

Thanks to VISUAL smart maps, they can take correct and fast decisions having a global map of their companies.

The other Spanish companies that are innovating with mapping technology in other sectors are Carto DB and MintLabs.

Complete interview: Huffington Post (spanish)