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«Control 30.000 fields of EEUU, Chile and Europe on your mobile»


VISUAL online, the intelligent map that shows you all the crops with georeferenced data. The spanish newspaper «El Mundo» picked up the story of the VISUAL online launch. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of agribusiness by making data useful and accessible.

VISUAL is an innovative mapping technology applied to global agriculture that is specially designed to improve the agrifood sector profitability.

Currently, there are about 1200 users that are using VISUAL to follow «in live» the progress of their crops.

The farmer can view all the data from their crops from the tablet or phone in the field, and all the data uploaded is being sharing with all the team, so it makes to take better and fast decisions.

You can try VISUAL one month for free doing an easily register through our web. VISUAL is the mapping technology that boosts your productivity and improves the efficiency of your agricultural business. With VISUAL, you can easily manage your farm activities. It contains your field notebook, generates orders for phytosanitary and fertilizer treatments. Get all the information with one click.


Mercedes Iborra, Innovation Director at visualNACert.